Sofya Atalikova
Maria Herz
Kristina Matveeva


In the woods, there is no progress: only continuous stagnation. In the woods, there is no stagnation: only endless circulation.

In the woods, the mystical reigns, commanding an army of the insecure: depressed creatures who live in constant anxiety, unable to articulate their dread, determined to survive the unsurvivable. Our research has brought us here to reach into the cornucopia of suffering and pull out whatever finds itself in our grip: to catalog these mythical creatures in the depth of the forest, at the edge of despair, as best as we can.



Art-Director Sofya Atalikova

Photographer Kristina Matveeva

Production Maria Herz, Sofya Atalikova

Cast Sofya Atalikova

Video Director Maria Herz

Video Dop Sergey Kamenshchikov


Style Marina Amurova

With Mua Xenia Valevskaya,

Maria Davidova, Polina Nagornykh,

Ira Gracheva, Anna Samoshkina (SFX)


Models Katya Yastrebova, Daniil Hayrutdinov ,

Egor Kiselev, Ninel Urban, Maria Voynich,

Valeria Prozorova, Ekaterina Odina, Daria Sorokina,

Anna Tsarkova, Maksim Faustov, Klim Klimenko