Robert Hamacher
Tomasz Skibicki
Yulia Kjellson

Gruppe Residency Opening: ENTROPIA

For the Gruppe Residency Opening at Blake & Vargas on February 8th 2018, artist Tomasz Skibicki built an immersive sculpture garden of wood and yolk, intercepted by the textile creations of Yulia Kjellson. Robert Hamacher documents the exhibition for Gruppe.

“An Icon painting is given as collateral for a debt that was never paid back.

You can glue a piece of wood back together, wet clay and knead it into a new form, but when the egg yolk suddenly clashes into the white it means that it’s fucked up, and at this point becomes unusable for an artistically legit painting that would allow you to see more spiritual & elevated realities.

This painting is hidden in a wardrobe in the attic, beneath some cloth which may have been once a bed sheet.

The act of making is repetitive, it’s oppressive. Excessive labour that doesn’t allow you to go beyond the V shaped form that you carve again & again & again. Multiple boregasms, a decked out version of contact shame, it feels fucked up like somehow you had something to do with it.

Nevertheless we swap war stories with each other while problem solving as a method of learning and as practice, they are work. Beginning with a problem, these shared stories become communal knowledge through a process of intense diagnosis and breakdown.

A debt may never be repaid in the end, which may explain why time only goes forward and never backwards…”

— Tomasz Skibicki


Artwork by Tomasz Skibicki

Textiles by Yulia Kjellson

Photography by Robert Hamacher

Editing by Aaron Kalitzki

with Eric