Timothy Schaumburg
Shade Therét
Fritz Schiffers
Tim Heyduck


Shake those crumbs out of your backpack, rip off the bandaid that is your mother’s love, do your homework: You are young, and you are privileged. Now I ask you to take a breath, a breath that could fill all the holes in your stomach lining, and to close your eyes and imagine a corridor, long and deserted, and an archway at its end, ornamented, and the door below ajar. Above it a banner, an exclamation, black, on white, a motto perhaps: Welcome to School. For the Gruppe x UdK issue, photographer Timothy Schaumburg lit up the pieces of select fashion design students in a hyperreal, stylized version of the university environment they were created in. Artist, dancer and performer Shade Théret choreographed the movements of the models.


Photography by Timothy Schaumburg

Assistance by Philipp Koll

Creative Direction by Fritz Schiffers & Tim Heyduck

Choreography by Shade Théret

Styling by Tim Heyduck 

Make-Up by Peri Rana Hueck & Leana Ardeleanu

Hair by Noriko Takayama

with Judith, Magdalena, Shade, Mario, Maximilian, Henry, Uwe & Can