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SRJVO started as an online retailer for contemporary fashion between street style and runway in 2014, and became one of the first independent shops to stock designers like Cottweiler and GmbH.

As the dividing lines between fashion and art began to blur, the SRJVO platform began morphing from showroom to exhibition space – conceiving a new type of post-internet online store to accommodate a new class of wearables.

At the eponymous exhibition premiered at Dynamo Space in Zurich in February 2020, presented by The Body Archive Project of Zurich-based curator Doris Dehan Sohn, artists, designers, and creatives affiliated with the SRJVO  platform showed a selection of their work. The exhibition was documented by photographer Marc Jauss.


Pieces by Janek Ackermann, Daphne Ahlers & Lili Thiessen (Hulfe) , Christa Bosch & Cosima Gadient (Ottolinger), Jeremy Daflon,  Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kublokaite (YGRG), Marcus Karkhof , Tobias Kaspar, Omar Khaledi, Ryo Koike,  Miriam Leonardi, Manutcher Milani, Isaac Penn, Alyssa Berrez, Robert George Sanders, Linda Semadeni, Yana Slattery, Doris Dehan Son, Amadeus Vogelsang, Xander Zhou 

On doll by Azur Sabic

Photography by Marc Jauss