Jan Hoek
Duran Lantink

Sistaaz and Scooters

A selection of very casual photographs of the sex workers, refugees and rejects that Dutch artist Jan Hoek and fashion designer and stylist Duran Lantink have collaborated with in recent years. Part of the images were developed together with SistaazHood, a trans sex work support group from Cape Town, whose crowdfunded activist fashion publication Sistaaz of the Castle is set to come out in July. Another part was created with refugees from various African countries for the Amsterdam-based project Scooters Will Never Die!!!, which fights against prejudice through customized scooters.



Photography by Jan Hoek

Sistaaz of the Castle (Image 1, 3, 4 + 5)
with Sabrina, Roxy & Stacy
Clothes by Duran Lantik

Scooters Will Never Die!!! (Image 2 + 6)
with Mamoon Hashim, Abdulaziz Manon & Bacardi Zouberou
Death Scooter Outfit by Nada van Dalen

Cigarette Hellraiser (Image 7)
Visagie by Kathinka Gernant

Permanent Destruction (Image 8)
with The HM Concert | Naomi Velissariou / Theater Utrecht
Hair by Hester Beek
Visagie by Joyce Clerkx
Backdrop by Guillaume Roux