Pawel Woznicki
Robin Brass
Tim Heyduck

Feeling the speed

Compared to displacement and velocity, acceleration is like the angry, fire-breathing dragon of motion variables. It can be violent; some people are scared of it; and if it’s big, it forces you to take notice. Since velocity is a speed and a direction, there are only two ways for you to accelerate: change your speed or change your direction—or change both.


Photography by Pawel Woznicki

Styling by Tim Heyduck

Hair and Make-Up by Peri Rana Hueck

Graphic by Robin Brass

Models: Yasmin and Amy by LETITGO,  Fabienne by VIVA

With cloth by:  Oil, Gentle Monster, Lou de Betoly,

Fomme, Trippen, Pringle of Scotland, Fred Perry,

Nappa by Martine Rose, Ellesse, Liselotte Bramstang