Berliner Ensemble
Rambazamba Theatre
Carlotta Monty Meyer
Julian Wolf Eicke
Thomas Bo Nilsson

Dekameron Retro spektive

For their interpretation of Giovanni Bocaccio’s seminal story collection Il Decamerone, directing duo and set artists Julian Wolf Eicke and Thomas Bo Nilsson conceived a multistoried Necropolis, built into the small house of the Berliner Ensemble. Over the course of 21 performances from June 2nd to July 7th 2018, this fictitious burial site came to house a rampant comedy of fight and frenzy, orgy and ritual, in which the tales of Bocaccio’s masterpiece where told and retold, venerated and thwarted by both performers and attending guests. Carlotta Monty Meyer, who worked on the production as a stage designer before becoming a performer herself, documented both the making-of and the final spectacle of Dekameron on camera.

Nilsson and Eicke’s latest work, New City Passage, is on view in Wiesbaden city center until Sept. 2nd, 2018, as part of the Wiesbaden Biennale. The show can also be followed online. Carlotta Monty Meyer is among the performers.


Photography by Carlotta Monty Meyer

Conception & Scenography by Thomas Bo Nilsson Julian Wolf Eicke

with performers of the Berliner Ensemble Rambazamba Theatre & many more