Elza Ozolīte
Killian Butler
Melanie Glück

Home Invasion

Artists Elza Ozolīte and Killian Butler examine the mechanisms of persona construction, social roles and idealised beauty in their first joint performance piece, Home Invasion, which premiered at Trauma Bar and Kino in May 2019. Merging sculpture, performance, video and photography in chaotic amalgation, the duo explores the nuances of domesticity, hedonism, and ritual as diffracted by societal pressures and the perversion of perfection. Using the female body as their floating device, elements of guilt, embarrassment and shame rise to the surface of the viewer’s consciousness, rendering them an unwilling voyeur in a quasi-sexual spectacle of pretension and illusion. Photographer Melanie Glück documented the performance.


Perfomance at Trauma Bar und Kino

by Elza Ozolīte & Killian Butler

Performed by Daria Blum, Lena Bösch, Natascha Domino, Marie-Madeleine Fürbeth, Misa Harz Glogowatz  and Carmel Michaeli

Photography by Melanie Glück

Collage by Melanie Glück and Elza Ozolīte