Marie Lüder
Mark Lewis
Jezmi Fehmi
David Spence
Oscar Kahn (Oxhy)

Gruppe #1 Launch: AMATEUR / BLACK HOLE SUN

The word amateur originates from the French word amour, love. True to etymology, the amateur traverses life not as a professional but as a lover, equipped with nothing more than a coarse passion for the path he has charted for himself. In seeking rather than knowing, asking rather than answering, his journey to knowledge becomes an exercise in communication. His incompetence belies a profound desire for human connection.

Must those who love then forever be amateurs?

In Amateur/Black Hole Sun, Marie Lüder invites viewers to contemplate the amateurism inherent in the performance of modern heterosexual masculinity. For the films that form part of the installation, she asked her young male performers to record themselves in situations in which they felt normal. Equipped with lo-fi cameras, they filmed themselves at work and during exercise, in isolation and company, channeling a dilettante style of filmmaking that values intuition over intent. The viewer inhabits the young men as they pause and rest, repeat and endure.

As casually as Lüder follows the male gaze, as profoundly she reverses it in her design, showcased in the accompanying performance. The sundial that forms the center of the installation becomes symbol of a spiritual system charting a new male heterosexuality. Channeling science, art and magic, the ritual of the sundial seeks to re/connect the young men to themselves and their kind, reviving the promise of community in a world in constant transition.

Developed in close collaboration with the performers, the clothing pieces of Lüder’s collection become mantras of survival for the young heterosexual man as traditional role models of masculinity collapse all around him. At the same time, the collection finds Lüder reckoning with her own culturally conditioned desire to care and admire, support and elevate the men around her. Fascinated by her own misunderstanding of heteronormativity and the other other sex, her clothing seeks to ground and support men in places and positions in which they feel most vulnerable, and thus provides the scaffolding from which a new model of masculinity might be constructed.


Concept by Marie Lüder.

Films directed by Marie Lüder, Mark Lewis, Jezmi Fehmi & David Spence.

Performance with Mark Lewis, Jezmi Fehmi & David Spence.

Knitwear by Krystal Paniagua.

Assistance by Annabel Balance, Malachi Miller, Darja Buzokina & Margarete Szyd.

with video stills from the films and Pictures by Laura Schaefer. 

Thanks to Trauma Bar & Kino

Additional event support by Adidas