Anton Halla
Emilie Palmelund
Helena Tan
Robin Brass

Dungeon Keeps, Condo Bleeps

A vacant building. Apartment after apartment gradually emptied out until only a few are left occupied. A stranded whale carcass with only bones left—pipes and cables already ripped from the walls. Outside, trash is piling up and spilling over the edges of the large metal containers. The remaining residents keep breathing in the dust of the departed until the very end, when their former homes will be given new faces for inhabitants who are able to pay according to the makeover. The transition is apparent everywhere—a graveyard of materials disputes along the street, recycled as tools by kids for their newly invented games. Birds inhabit the empty balconies to prepare the hatching of a new generation free of human interruption.

In celebration of a space and a stretch of time that influenced our lives for over a year, we invited a group of artists and friends to inhabit our old apartment for one night. We let them affect and get affected by the remains of its body. Materials collected over the timespan of living there were put to use. We emptied the basement and, like the kids in the streets, engaged the remains of our material possessions in some kind of play. Collectively we distilled everything into a final potion, a sugary goodbye drink. Some days prior, the event was announced as an evening of (non­linguistic) eviction poems, the details painted onto the removed laminate plates of our rooms.

The visitors were invited to walk around the installation, touch the drawings on the walls, lie down and enjoy the the lowered ceiling of fresco paintings, eat the baked bread sculptures, hang out on the balcony to watch a fashion show with models walking down the makeshift scaffolding runway, listen to the melodies of a live clarinet performance from the floor above, and eventually celebrate the final combustion of the building—a phoenix set on fire.


Initiated and organised by Emilie Palmelund, Robin Brass, Helena Tan, Anton Halla


Photography by Nikola Lamburov, Emilie Palmelund


Editing by Robin Brass


Artworks by Jonathan Aldenberg, Josefina Anjou, Robin Brass, Anton Halla, Sara Milio, Rixta van der Molen, Emilie Palmelund, Helena Tan


Clothing pieces made collaboratively by Pedro Herrero Ferrán, Emilie Palmelund, Helena Tan, Robin Brass, Manon Bachelier, Anton Halla


Models: Josefina Anjou, Anton Halla, Pedro Herrero Ferrán, Jonathan Aldenberg, Helena Tan, Robin Brass, Manon Bachelier, Emilie Palmelund, Yunie Chae