Viktor Naumovski
Marie Lüder
Lyson Marchessault

Civilian I Wanna Be

A fictional story created by photographer Viktor Naumovski in response to Marie Lüder’s graduation collection. Lüder FW 18/19 is the result of the designer’s immersive research into the hidden aspects of modern masculinity, contrasting with its contemporary portrayal in the media.

The post-modern heterosexual male becomes the protagonist of Naumovski’s story, stumbling around a Victorian mansion like an alien out of time, an artefact coming to terms with its newly acquired impotence and irrelvancy.  A paper cutout of hyper-masculinity, the cowboy seeks its lost place in a now foreign mansion, to be finally allowed the hope of physical and psychological rebirth.


Photography by Viktor Naumovski

Art Direction by Viktor Naumovski & Marie Lüder

Clothing by LÜDER FW18/19

Styling by Lyson Marchessault

Accessories in collaboration with gentlemutilation

Models James Roger-Neville, Tim Orrom-Swan &  Luke Frith-Powell
Biggest thanks to Lady Neville for letting us use her beautiful home to create this world.