Viktor Naumovski
Marie Lüder
LÜDER FW 18/19
Lyson Marchessault

Civilian I Wanna Be

‘Civilian I Wanna Be’ is a fictional story created by photographer Viktor Naumovski as a reaction to Marie Lüder’s research of masculinity and portrayal of the contemporary man. Taking the heteronormative man of today as the center of her research, he becomes the protagonist of our story.

Set in a Victorian Mansion he stumbles across, we witness his journey of seeking new tools and functions to find his place in this alien abode. Feeling impotent, minor and irrelevant, the persona of the cowboy with all it’s clichés of hyper masculinity allows a physical and psychological rebirth.

Losing sense of time and space, he becomes a glitch in this reality, slowly distorting it, as the narrative progresses.


Photography by Viktor Naumovski

Art Direction by Viktor Naumovski & Marie Lüder

Clothing by LÜDER FW18/19

Styling by Lyson Marchessault

Accessories in collaboration with gentlemutilation

Models James Roger-Neville, Tim Orrom-Swan &  Luke Frith-Powell
Biggest thanks to Lady Neville for letting us use her beautiful home to create this world.