Alecsander Rothschild
Emil Balesic
Matilda Ivarsson


Long after nature has shut down: your home becomes the beach, and the beach is home. The sea breeze is a myth and the tan a lie, there’s no air to breathe, no sun or other kinds of kisses. Only salt and shade and a burning face, as feelings of longing and reminiscence wash up on shore to wet your toes, and sand and debris collects in your cracks, and the hairs on your neck rise up to greet the concrete sky: from chill or expectations, you don’t know, but no one ever comes to meet them anyway.

Photographer & art director Emil Balesic and stylist Alecsander Rothschild contemplate the faux memory of a love lost, a possibly true story about the near-sick obsession with an old summer fling, with clothing  created by Alecsander Rothschild & Matilda Ivarsson.


Art Direction by Emil Balesic & Alecsander Rothschild

Photography by Emil Balesic  @political__agenda

Styling by Alecsander Rothschild @alecsanderrothschild

Clothes by Alecsander Rothschild & Matilda Ivarsson @lefterisballatsas