Iga Drobisz
Anatomie Fleur
Dushan Petrovich
Sarah Hartgens
Yulia Kjellsson

Fans of the Pear

Hi, said the snake. In the mood for some fruit of knowledge? It’s fruity.

Exhuming a story as old as time, photographer Iga Drobisz teams up with florist duo Anatomie Fleur for a visual retelling of the tale of original sin, soft focusing on the border where bliss turns blunder and primitive state becomes human condition, embellished with eclectic flowers. Images include clothes designed by Yulia Kjellson, makeup art by Sarah Hartgens, and hair styled by Dushan Petrovich.

“God is love. God created man and woman. He models the man in clay and gives him life in the garden of Eden, Adam. He shapes a woman from one of his ribs, Eve. Naked and without shame, their fate seems an eternity of happiness. Adam and Eve frolic in the lush garden, roll in the silky grass, gorging themselves with fruit, and stuff themselves without limit. They love each other, they fuck… But transgression is much more appealing.  The woman, tempted by the serpent, eats the forbidden fruit and hands it to the man. They are exiled from the city of god into the city of men. Innocence is lost. Adam and Eve become aware of their nakedness and ashamed of their bodies. They hide from God by adorning themselves with clothes. Adam is forced to work his whole life and become a capitalist. Eve has to endlessly suffer childbirth.  In God’s infinite wisdom, he created a man and women who disappointed him. Why did he create the tree in the first place? God is love but god ruined everything.” — Anatomie Fleur


Photography by Iga Drobisz
Flower Arrangements by Anatomie Fleur
Hair by Dushan Petrovich
Make Up by Sarah Hartgens
Dress by Yulia Kjellsson
with Emilia & Felix