Sasha Chaika

The photographer and filmmaker Sasha Chaika from St. Petersburg,
is featuring some of the latest, emerging russian brands in his series “MIRROR MECHANISM”.
The title refers to modern mass media which is constantly influencing people in an artificial way,
which does not match with the crystal pure reality.
They themselves depend on other power structures though, the tools and techniques which are used,
to keep social media in motion and alive.

Civilian I Wanna Be

Viktor Naumovski
Marie Lüder
LÜDER FW 18/19
Lyson Marchessault

‘Civilian I Wanna Be’ is a fictional story created by photographer Viktor Naumovski as a reaction to Marie Lüder’s research of masculinity and portrayal of the contemporary man. Taking the heteronormative man of today as the center of her research, he becomes the protagonist of our story.

The Future of Disbelonging

Hanna Fiegenbaum

Artist and writer Hanna Fiegenbaum shares four unreleased poems mapping the trajectory of contemporary socialization and disassociation, set in type by Aaron Kalitzki.


Chantelle Gomez
Anna Lena Krause
Anna Gray
Let it Go

In September 2018, Gruppe magazine and Dutch label Ninamounah invited you to a live installation centered around Anna Gray‘s molecular artwork "Come to Your Senses". Here's footage of the performance as documented by Chantelle Gomez and Anna Lena Krause.

Dekameron Retro spektive

Berliner Ensemble
Rambazamba Theatre
Carlotta Monty Meyer
Julian Wolf Eicke
Thomas Bo Nilsson

Unseen documentary footage from Thomas Bo Nilsson and Julian Wolf Eicke's interpretation of the Decameron at the Berliner Ensemble, recorded by stage design assistant and performer Carlotta Monty Meyer.

Truisms 2: Fried Green Ultimatums

Aaron Kalitzki
Jacob Muselmann

Jacob Muselmann shares the lessons he learned over the course of his writing life, set in type by Aaron Kalitzki.

I feel you and you feel me

Joseph Kadow

Images from photographer Joseph Kadow’s trip through Senegal, portraying various local teens that he met through his friend Hamza.

Fans of the Pear

Iga Drobisz
Anatomie Fleur
Dushan Petrovich
Sarah Hartgens
Yulia Kjellsson

"Hi", said the snake. "In the mood for some fruit of knowledge? It's fruity".

Exhuming a story as old as time, photographer Iga Drobisz teams up with florist duo Anatomie Fleur for a visual retelling of the tale of original sin. With clothes by Yulia Kjellson, hair by Dushan Petrovich and make-up by Sarah Hartgens.

Inter material

Judith Dorothea Gerke
Marion Schoenenberger

Views from artist Judith Dorothea Gerke's current exhibition Intermaterial, which opened at the Chipperfiel Showroom on July 19th, and combines works of the 2017 series, In deinen Augen, in deinen Armen, and the new series Studie Neue Materialformungen. 


Sasha Chaika
Kate Pavlova

is the name of the wifi in the apartment in St. Petersburg. Tatyana has lived there for 20 years. She has turned a place into a home. The apartment looks like a baroque palace, a palazzo, but reworked in her imagination. Nothing has come by accident.


Robert Hamacher
Tim Heyduck

What a chimera then is man. What a novelty! What a monster, what a contradiction, what a prodigy. Photographer Robert Hamacher and creative director Tim Heyduck pursue a man-as-many to an abandoned house on the Brandenburg countryside.


Alecsander Rothschild
Emil Balesic
Matilda Ivarsson

Photographer & art director Emil Balesic and stylist Alecsander Rothschild contemplate the faux memory of a love lost, a possibly true story about the near-sick obsession with an old summer fling, with clothing created by Alecsander Rothschild & Matilda Ivarsson.

There for real

Ashley Munns
Fujio Emura

Who are you, really? When are you most?
You're a living doll, darling: an imposter who has abandoned the pretense of pose, you're an (EX)POSER, exposed.
An editorial by Ashley Munns & Fujio Emura.

Unscene Perspective

Maansi Jain

Warped visions of Paris Fashion Week FW 18 as seen by Maansi Jain.

Gruppe Residency: Closing

Blake & Vargas
Sophie Adamski

Documentation of the Residency Closing at Blake & Vargas on February 24th, 2018, shot by Sophie Adamski. Including lovers, lasers, and dirty mattresses.

Gruppe Residency: Workshop

Franziska König
Karim Boumjimar
Maria Keller

With Agnė Juodvalkytė, Nam Nguyen, Dorota Gawęda & Eglė Kulbokaitė, Filip Samuel Berg, Joshua Hoareau, Yulia Kjellson, Lena-Marie Schütte, Magdalena Woodman, Graham Haught, Nathaniel Marcus, Zoe Darsee, Nina Kettiger, Lucas Leclère, Isaac Penn, Lucia Bachner, Fritz Schiffers & Karim Boumjimar.

Gruppe Residency Opening: ENTROPIA

Robert Hamacher
Tomasz Skibicki
Yulia Kjellson

For the Gruppe Residency Opening at Blake & Vargas on February 8th 2018, artist Tomasz Skibicki built an immersive sculpture garden of wood and yolk, intercepted by the textile creations of Yulia Kjellson. Robert Hamacher documents the exhibition.

Gruppe Residency at Blake & Vargas

Blake & Vargas

27.01. - 24.02.2018
with Anne Sofie Madsen / Esben Weile / Tomasz Skibicki / Billy Bultheel / Agnė Juodvalkytė / Nina Kettiger / Julian Jakob Kneer / Gregory Philip Blunt / Emmy Skensved / Karim Boumjimar (Beigetype) / Dorota Gawęda / Eglė Kulbokaitė / Yulia Kjellson / Lucas Leclère / Joshua Hoareau / & more

Eternity is the best policy

Lou De Bètoly
Robert Hamacher
Tim Heyduck

Photographer Robert Hamacher delves into the solemn life of the decadent to document the surrealist-inspired garments of French designer Lou De Bètoly. Styled by Gruppe art & fashion director Tim Heyduck, including shoes by artists Magdalene Woodman & Graham Haught.

Genetic Longing

Tim Heyduck
Valeria Herklotz

London-based photographer Valeria Herklotz unites with Gruppe art & fashion director Tim Heyduck for a sensual shoot inspired by the paintings of Marlene Dumas.

My Choice Silent Zone with You

Aaron Kalitzki
Zoe Darsee

A series of visual poetry from Tabloid founder Zoe Darsee.

Particulate Matter

Agnė Juodvalkytė
Joseph Kadow
Tim Heyduck

Fragments of history cling to our clothing like dust in the folds of an ancient dress. Agnė Juodvalkytė retraces the past of wearer and worn, transforming prosaic garments into objects of art. Photographer Joseph Kadow captures the delicate artefacts styled by Tim Heyduck. 

Pristine Conditions

Jasmin Halama
Susanna Jonas
Tom Blesch

Some looks never age, especially when they're vacuum-sealed. Photographer Tom Blesch and stylist Jasmin Halama get together for an editorial of clothes that will never wear out.


Eva Collé
Julian-Jakob Kneer

From needle work through sex work to art work: visual artist Julian-Jakob Kneer knits panties for Eva Collé's sessions with clients. The results are for sale.

Blackout Beach

Graham Haught
Liana Osheverova
Lukas Stöver
Tim Heyduck
Magdalena Woodman

Artist Magdalena Woodman opens her archive of clothing creations for a night of creative exchange with painter Graham Haught.

Rupture [1]

Nele Ruckelshausen

In a near future, an unprecedented global earthquake has ruptured the surface of the planet. As the seismic crevasses become subject of scientific investigation, spiritual exploitation, and limp-handed propaganda efforts by the government, two unlikely platonic lovers embark on an epic road trip across the disintegrating European continent. When a light brown slime starts oozing from the cracks, strange events begin to transpire. Before long, humanity will be forever changed...

Always the Sun

Luka Mues
Patrick Glatthaar
Tom Blesch

Photographer Tom Blesch captures the makeup art of Patrick Glatthaar in a luminous series styled by Luka Mues. 

Outside of Nurture

Joseph Kadow
Marie Lüder
Tibo Knapp
Tim Heyduck

Where does clothing culture end and nakedness begin? Marie Lüder & Tibo Knapp set out for an improvised design research in the woods. Clothes documented by Joseph Kadow.

Truism [1]: Sunscreen

Aaron Kalitzki
Dan Bodan

Dan Bodan shares aphorisms for the modern day.

Bless This Family

Robert Hamacher
Tim Heyduck

Photographer Robert Hamacher returns home to Münster for his father's birthday. Tim Heyduck styles the Hamacher tribe in clothing and objects by BLESS.

Radical Togetherness

Philippe Gerlach

Collaboration is creation: a visual foreword.