Christin Rothe x Gruppe

Campaign video by Moritz Freudenberg, Styling Tim Heyduck, Makeup Janina Zais, Hair Dushan Petrovic, Production Assistant Emma Czerny-Holownia, Models: Dennis, Linda, Max, Nikki, Reinhard, Robin, A.C. Sten Jackolis, Max Firchau, Sound Moritz Freudenberg, Ludwig Plath, creative Direction Fritz Schiffers,Tim Heyduck, Direction, D.O.P, EDIT, Postproduction Moritz Freudenberg


Alessia Gunawan

A personal performative experience investigating the different female submissive roles in Japan through the contrasting hyper-saturated images associated with kawaii culture which dominate public and virtual spaces.

Civilian I Wanna Be II

Viktor Naumovski
Lyson Marchessault
Marie Lüder

The second part of Viktor Naumovski's fictionalization ofMarie Lüder’s graduation collection Lüder FW 18/19, the result of her extensive research into tropes and reality of post-modern masculinity.

Tak for alt

‏‏‎ Age of Theia

We surrendered to deaths two faces: one destroying and tearing down, the other freeing us from old bonds which have become confining, preventing life. To let go, despite the agony of it, will set us free. To new life!

Ninamounah: 003 Pheromones at PFWSS19

Fritz Schiffers

"We are all animals wearing a dress of culture."
In preparation of our live installation with Ninamounah in Berlin on September 21st, a visual retelling of the Dutch label's collection 003 Pheromones presented at Paris Fashion Week SS19.

Lakeside Meditator

Fritz Schiffers
Jacob Muselmann
Joshua Hoareau
Lucia Bachner
Tim Heyduck

Close your eyes and take a deep breath: You are here. Count to seven. Open your eyes. Turn the page: a visual epilogue for the release of the Gruppe print magazine with UdK, as seen at the Rundgang 2018. With silicone art works by Lucia Bachner.


Julia Seemann
Reference Studios

Shadowing a strange midnight mission, a performance-as-video by Fritz Schiffers with clothes from Julia Seemann's latest collection, styled by Tim Heyduck. Created for the Body Sensations Party w/ Julia Seemann and Reference Studios at the historic Ku'damm Karree on May 18th, 2018.

Young Girl Reading Group 146

Dorota Gawęda
Eglė Kulbokaitė
Anne Sofie Madsen
Fritz Schiffers

In the heat of the Greek sun, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė read their YGRG Manifesto and selected chapters from Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower. Captured by Fritz Schiffers, with garments by Anne Sofie Madsen.

Singular Plural I + II

Nam Nguyen
Natacha Voranger
Fritz Schiffers

Introducing the first installment of his archive of anonymity, Nam Nguyen let's Natacha Voranger style his costumes for Fritz Schiffers' camera.