Judith Dorothea Gerke
Marion Schoenenberger

Inter material

Views from artist Judith Dorothea Gerke’s current exhibition Intermaterial at the Chipperfield Showroom. 

Judith Dorothea Gerke, who also modeled for the recent print issue of Gruppe with the Universität der Künste Berlin, from which she graduated in 2017, uses a combination of photography and sculptural installation to explore the relation between two-dimensional image and four-dimensional space. Her use of materials and techniques both exemplifies the contemporary disconnect between digital and analogue and offers an attempt to consolidate the two. In her work, the alive and the lifeless merge, and medium and message melt into one another. Objects become surfaces through the camera lense only to transform back into objects as sculptural arrangements.

Her current exhibition Intermaterial opened at the Chipperfiel Showroom on July 19th and combines works of her 2017 series, In deinen Augen, in deinen Armen, and the new series Studie Neue Materialformungen. It can be viewed at the Showroom David Chipperfield Architects, Joachimstraße 11, 10119 Berlin, until August 3rd.

Artwork by Judith Dorotha Gerke

Documentation by Marion Schoenenberger