Katrice Dustin


We are trying to educate each other, it’s an effort through dialogue. Flicked forward with an inescapable fixation on hindsight, I lost count. Turn slightly to your left, consider the tension between these knots. It’s true that not everyone likes this.

Clearly you’re the kind of person that thinks before speaking. You take your time, calculate, challenge any inference. You find reassurance in the falseness of a remarkable statement. You nod, close your eyes, practice empathetic segues. You fumigate – pour slowly – method act. You tie symbols around your waist, fill yourself up to the brim.

I speed up the process for people like you. I mark breaks in the conversation – edit the verses in time – draw hard lines. I inch closer, exhale chalk, size you up. I etch along the lines in your cheeks, rearrange your features, predict dissonance.

Words by Katrice Dustin