Maansi Jain

delhi-art season

Artist and non-resident Indian Maansi Jain visited both family and certain nodes of the Delhi art scene in an attempt to evade and exchange  internalized colonialist attitudes with more compassionate (and certainly funnier) local gestures in her psychedelic collages.

Notes by the artist:
to ease collectively inherited challenges, contradictions in the codes of yesteryear can be classified as a source of humor no longer on speaking terms with petty hubris. perhaps, then “what-could-be” is inhibited far less by “what-is” or “what-was”. it is of no great consequence to the beheld whether or not the watched “underdog” appears naïve or practiced in their pursuit of joy.

“familiar like humans are to monkeys and right is to wrong” (2019) ft Shilpa Gupta remixed with Arpita Singh both presented by Vadehra Gallery at the Indian Art Fair in Delhi, India

”neighboring reflections nap in the afternoon sunlight” (2019) ft M.P. Chaturvedi’s studio, two Sumans, and a kitchen towel

”find a pulse taking manual or ur dead family’s medical history” (2019) ft. Aisha Khalid’s You and I presented at the India Art Fair and a wall painting technique from a library book stolen or purchased by M.P. Chaturved during his residencies near Dallas, Texas

“marry me and i’ll buy u this pillow but that’s all” (2019) ft. gift options and reference material used by a local artist in the 70s in Delhi

“shiny shiny collectibles—it’s a vast genre; do u own some too” (2019) ft. work by Gunjan Kaul and @aurora_dotcom by Vikramaditya Sharma presented at the Irregulars Art Fair

“she was the eldest of two” (2019) ft marble coffee table tops, aunts, veins, teen boy sweaters, and the heat source in the bedroom

”a rebranded cat-out-of-the-bag will fetch more rubies” (2019) from an upscale flea market that looked like pinterest exploded and whose audience likely traipsed all over the world to maintain healthy body mass indices elevated far past the imaginary poverty line best described as “beneath” in relation to this crowd

”peace luv n acid (but not the kind u throw!)” psychedelic imagery from the 70s from the library of M.P. Chaturvedi with locally made throw pillows

”nice 2 include an ugly photo so u don’t get too spoiled” (2019) kitchen items with Isha Gahlot’s film Us which this author cannot do justice to so u must see it urself

“ersatzhintergrund” (2019) farside collective’s recent work about migration and movement at the Irregulars Art Fair in Delhi, India; pictured here with a zoology professor’s bedcover

“wwyd” (2019) ft a question of sobriety contemplated from a bed in north Delhi

“how much paper does it take to make wood” (2019) ft. Manish Hai’s untitled construction made from books, presented at the Indian Art Fair; recontextualized here via a wallpaper forest pasted onto a bedroom wall by a now-dead patriarch in north delhi