Billy Bultheel
Nele Ruckelshausen

Composer & performace artist Billy Bultheel talks to Gruppe text director Nele Ruckelshausen about his approach to composition and his work 'A Small Mass for the Armed Man' exhibited at the Gruppe Residency opening.

Gruppe Residency at Blake & Vargas

Blake & Vargas

27.01. - 24.02.2018
with Anne Sofie Madsen / Esben Weile / Tomasz Skibicki / Billy Bultheel / Agnė Juodvalkytė / Nina Kettiger / Julian Jakob Kneer / Gregory Philip Blunt / Emmy Skensved / Karim Boumjimar (Beigetype) / Dorota Gawęda / Eglė Kulbokaitė / Yulia Kjellson / Lucas Leclère / Joshua Hoareau / & more

Do Something

Mac Folkes
Nele Ruckelshausen

Gruppe text director Nele Ruckelshausen talks to art & fashion generalist Mac Folkes about mass media, the crisis of fashion, and his new project Famulus. With photos by Robert Hamacher.

Hurting for Wifi

Joel Mu

Curator Joel Mu talks to Parisian pop relationist Lëster a.k.a. Ariel Borienstein about his new EP «Wings», musical influences from Arca to Mozart and his role in the upcoming film «120 BPM». With a Gruppe exclusive premiere of a forgotten music video and a prerelease of Lëster's new track «Afterlife».


Katrice Dustin

I couldn't tell you:
– That I saw God

Rupture [1]

Nele Ruckelshausen

In a near future, an unprecedented global earthquake has ruptured the surface of the planet. As the seismic crevasses become subject of scientific investigation, spiritual exploitation, and limp-handed propaganda efforts by the government, two unlikely platonic lovers embark on an epic road trip across the disintegrating European continent. When a light brown slime starts oozing from the cracks, strange events begin to transpire. Before long, humanity will be forever changed...


Katrice Dustin

I inch closer, exhale chalk, size you up. I etch along the lines in your cheeks, rearrange your features, predict dissonance. Can you taste the metal?

Sundial Theatre / Dancefloor Hourglass

Nat Marcus

Clothes are a signal of belonging, costume is a token of a scene. But truly how far does our first-person plurality extend? And what's even healing about participation?


Aaron Kalitzki
Fritz Schiffers
Nele Ruckelshausen
Tim Heyduck

In the future, there will be no genres or genders. There will be no distinction between theory and praxis, between given and made, between real and fake. Art will be text and text will be painting and painting will be fashion. What’s left to do than to embrace the total dissolution of culture? A guide for beginners.